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Bin fees

Ratepayers in Knox pay a fee which includes the collection of household rubbish and recycling.

Bin upgrades or extra bin costs

You must pay extra to upgrade your bin or get extra bin services.

Bin type and size

Extra cost

A larger 120-litre rubbish bin (instead of the standard 80ltr bin)


A second rubbish bin (only request if you already have a 120-litre rubbish bin)   


A second recycling bin


Second optional green waste bin


You can save money and reduce your garbage going to landfill by swapping your 120-litre bin for an 80-litre bin.

You can upgrade or order a new bin online through our website.

Food and garden bin

From April, Council will roll out a new food and garden waste bin service across Knox.

All residents will have a green bin where they can throw out food scraps with their green waste.

Find out more about the food and garden bin service.

About bin fees

Every household must pay a waste service charge of $298 per year to provide bin services. This charge appears on your rates bill.

The rubbish bin fee provides the standard service of:

  • an 80 litre waste bin
  • a 240 litre recycle bin
  • bundled and resident’s own container for green waste and hard waste service.

This applies to all residential properties in Knox that use Council's waste services. A small number of properties (some apartments or multi-unit developments) may be required to use private waste services.

If you are renting, the owner or rental agent will arrange Council bins for you.

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