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School crossings and supervisors

Children’s school crossings help children safely cross the road on their way to and from school.

School crossings in Knox

There are over 50 schools in Knox. There are 100 school crossings and 110 permanent and 25 part-time crossing supervisors.

Traffic lights assist 24 school crossings. The other 76 are operated by supervisors using flags and batons.

On an average day, almost 7,000 children are escorted across a street or road in the City of Knox. 85,000 motor vehicles using the roads and streets during school crossing times.

Residents must be aware of school crossing information to prevent accidents or injuries around school crossings.

Knox school crossings operate between 8am – 9:30am, and 2:30pm – 4pm. Start and finish times are based around the local school’s needs.

Parking and traffic controls around school crossings

Crossing supervisors need clear vision in all directions, and as small children can be difficult to see, it is important that you obey all parking and traffic controls, including the crossing supervisor.

Stopping near crossings or schools

The following rules are consistent at all school crossings:

  • No stopping within 20 metres on the approach side of a crossing.
  • No stopping within 10 metres on the departure side of a school crossing.
  • No stopping within 10 metres of an intersection (unless signs say you can).

No stopping signs mean exactly what they say.

You must not stop your vehicle at all or for any purpose. This is even for a few seconds - unless to avoid a collision or obey a traffic control device.

Dropping off a child in a No Stopping zone is stopping.

Driving near school crossings

When approaching school crossings, drivers must slow down to the advised signed speed. Many crossings on major roads will have Department Of Transport speed signs installed, advising a 40kmh or 60kmh speed restriction. These signs come on automatically during school crossing times.

Keep an eye out for children and remember not to stop too close to the crossing. The crossing must be completely free of all pedestrians, including the supervisor, before driving through. Drivers must be stationary at the stop line before the crossing and should not allow their cars to creep forward.

Drivers must also watch for and obey the instructions of the school crossing supervisor.

School crossing supervisor jobs

Do you think you have what it takes to be a school crossing supervisor?

See current vacancies

School Crossing Supervisor of the Year Award

This statewide award is organised and run by School Crossings Victoria. It is designed to acknowledge these unsung heroes for their passion and commitment to the ongoing safety of children.

Seven regions take part across the state. A winner will be selected from each region, and an overall winner selected for the state.

Is your school crossing supervisor a superstar? You can nominate your school’s crossing supervisor for this honour.

Judging is based on:

  • attitude and presentation (uniform and equipment)
  • knowledge of road rules relating to school crossings
  • welcoming, caring, supportive and encouraging to all school crossing users
  • helpful, informative and clear on the safe use of the crossing
  • involvement in the school community
  • attendance – no time off (other than illness)
  • punctuality.

Nominate a school crossing supervisor

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