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Hard rubbish collection

Some items that cannot go in general rubbish or be recycled can be collected as hard rubbish.

Households in Knox receive 2 hard rubbish collections each financial year. Collections can be booked 1 to 2 weeks in advance.

Book a hard rubbish collection

Hard rubbish collections can be booked 1 to 2 weeks in advance, depending on the day of the week that you make the booking.

Book a hard rubbish collection online


Check the balance of your hard rubbish bookings

Enter your address to check how many hard rubbish bookings you have remaining this financial year.

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Other ways to dispose of your items

There are other ways to dispose of your items book before your next hard rubbish collection:

  • host a garage sale
  • post your items for sale or for free using social media and online platforms
  • give items away to friends or family
  • donate furniture in reasonable condition to charities such as Brotherhood of St Laurence and St Vincent de Paul Society
  • donate small items such electronics, crockery or metal tools to your local charity store
  • donate clothing to Diabetes Australia who collects clothing items in reasonable condition within Victoria.

We also encourage donations to local charity organisations. Please contact the charities prior to donating items.

View A-Z rubbish and recycling guide

Collection days

The day of the week you make the booking determines when your hard rubbish will be collected.

Day booking was madeDay of hard rubbish collection
Monday, Tuesday or WednesdayYour hard rubbish will be collected between Monday 6am and Friday 6pm of the next week.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday or SundayYour hard rubbish will be collected not the next week but between Monday 6am and Friday 6pm of the week after.


Whilst most household properties are eligible for hard rubbish collections, there is a small group that is not. This includes:

  • non-rateable properties owned by charities
  • properties with private collections.

Hard rubbish collections are only eligible for the household that made the booking. Combining waste from other households is not permitted.

Items for collection

You must not put out anything that weighs more than 30kg and is longer than 1.5m, unless it’s a mattress or fridge.

What you can put out for collection

  • Fridges and freezers - remove doors for safety
  • Home appliances and whitegoods - remove doors for safety
  • Empty paint tins, drums and containers with lids removed
  • Roofing iron and guttering (max 1.5m long)
  • Metal tools and equipment
  • Furniture
  • Carpet – rolled up and tied (max 2 rolls up to 1.5m long each)
  • Mattresses and bed bases (limit of 2 total)
  • Pottery and ceramics - wrap up for safety
  • Secure sheet glass - wrap up for safety
  • Building timber (max 10 pieces, max 1.5m long and max 30kg in weight)
  • Tree stumps (max 1.5m long and 30kg in weight).

You can also put e-waste out for collection which includes any items with a plug, cord or battery - for example:

  • computers and laptops
  • televisions
  • lighting equipment.

Find out more about disposing of your e-waste.

What you can't put out for collection

  • Anything that weighs more than 30kg and is longer than 1.5m (except for fridges and mattresses)
  • Building, demolition or renovation materials
  • Asbestos, oil, paint, batteries, liquids, chemical or hazardous waste
  • Gas bottles. fire extinguishers, fuel containers, Gyprock, cement sheet or plaster
  • Soil, bricks, concrete, sand, dirt, rubble or roof or ceramic tiles
  • Gates, fencing, trellis or pallets
  • Tyres or car parts of any kind
  • Tree trunks/logs or green waste, except tree stumps (max 1.5m long and 30kg in weight)
  • Household rubbish or recyclables - put these items in your recycling or rubbish bin
  • Commercial waste
  • Insulated heating/cooling ducts.

Some of these items can be taken to the Knox Transfer Station and Recycling Facility. Other waste centres may also be an option.

Charges may apply for items such as paint, motor oil, gas bottles, mattresses and some electrical items. Check Gate Prices at Knox Transfer Stations & Recycling Facility.

Some materials such as asbestos or hazardous waste may need special disposal arrangements.

Find out more about what items you can place out for collection in our A to Z rubbish and recycling guide and hard waste service information.

Putting your hard rubbish out

For most households, the collection point will be on the nature strip, unless you don’t have one. Please call us before putting out your hard rubbish if you do not have a nature strip.

Consider dropping small items such electronics, crockery or metal tools to your local charity store.

Make sure you have:

  • booked your collection before you place your hard rubbish out so that we know that it is not illegally dumped waste
  • put your hard rubbish out on the weekend before your scheduled collection
  • removed fridge and freezer doors
  • made sure there are no hazardous or unacceptable items
  • placed small or loose items in non-returnable boxes (not in plastic bags)
  • made sure all glass is securely wrapped and labelled for safety.

If your hard rubbish is not put out in time, you may miss your collection and have to rebook. It will result in your booking being forfeited.

Cancel or change your collection

You can cancel your hard rubbish collection up until 2pm on the Friday before your scheduled collection week. Following this date, it is too late to cancel your hard rubbish collection, and it will still count as one of your two annual hard rubbish collections.

If you need to change the date of your scheduled hard rubbish collection, please cancel the booking (up until 2pm on the Friday before your scheduled collection week) and rebook at your convenience.

Cancel your hard rubbish booking online

Missed collections

Please contact us within a week of your allocated collection week if your hard rubbish is not collected.

Items left behind

Fridges and freezers are collected separately from regular hard rubbish.

We will remove regular hard rubbish first, then a separate truck will collect fridges and freezers. It may not be on the same day as the rest of your hard rubbish is collected but it will occur in the same week.

If there are items left after your allocated collection week, check your letterbox for a flyer that will explain why it was not taken.

You must remove hard rubbish material within 7 days, unless it’s hazardous. Items posing a safety concern should be removed immediately.

It is illegal to leave hard rubbish outside your property without a collection booking.

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