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Pet registration

All pet owners must microchip and register their cat or dog with their local council.

This is a legal requirement and keeps your animals safe.  If you own a cat, it will also need to be de-sexed prior to registration.

Register your pet

It's quick and easy to register your pet. You must register any dog or cat over 3 months of age and renew their registration by 10 April each year.

There is a fee to register your dog or cat. 

Register your cat or dog

Renew your pet registration

It's easy to renew your pet's registration online. All you need is your animal reference number. You can find this at the top right of your renewal notice.

If you have not received your renewal notice then contact us.

If you don’t renew your registration by 10 April each year you may be liable for an infringement notice.

Renew your dog registration

Renew your cat registration

Unregistered animals

We conduct random door-knocks throughout the area to check for unregistered animals.  Owners of any unregistered dogs and cats will receive an infringement notice.

Update your pet's registration details

Up-to-date information is vital in helping us reunite lost pets with their owners. Always make sure your pet details are correct and current.

You must tell us if you stop being the owner of a pet. This may be because the pet has passed away or is now living elsewhere. If the pet still lives in Knox, the new owner must complete a new registration form.

Update your address details

Advise us if you no longer have your pet or have left Knox 

You should also update your pet's details with the relevant microchip registry.  If you are not sure which registry your details are with visit Pet Address to find out.

Keeping extra animals

If you have more than two dogs or cats, you need to apply for a permit to keep multiple pets.

Pet identification tags

We provide lifetime tags for pet registration.

Your pet should wear the tag at all times. Fines apply if your pet is found outside your premises without its council tag.

If you damage or lose a tag, contact us for a replacement.

Request a replacement pet registration tag

Lost pets

If your pet becomes lost, the council tag will ensure they can be returned home quickly.

Learn more about lost and wandering pets in Knox.

Need help?

Contact us and we will get back to you.

Or call our Community Laws department on 9298 8000.

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