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Animal infringement notices

If your pet is found wandering or unregistered you may be issued with an infringement notice.

Animal infringement offences

We issue infringement notices to the owner of a dog or cat found to be committing an offence.

Offences include when:

  • you fail to register your dog or cat
  • your registered dog or cat is found outside your property without Council identification
  • you fail to take steps to ensure the dog cannot escape your property
  • your dog wanders unsupervised away from your premises
  • your dog or cat is creating a nuisance
  • you fail to collect and properly dispose of your dog’s litter
  • you fail to carry bags for the collection of your dog’s litter.

A full list of offences can be found in the Domestic Animals Act 1994 or our Amenity Local Law 2020.

We can give you an infringement notice:

  • in person
  • by post.

Paying penalty fees

You may need to pay a penalty fee if you receive an animal infringement notice.

It is important to pay your penalty fees by the due date on the infringement notice. If not, you’ll receive a Penalty Reminder Notice and additional costs will be added to your fine.

We offer a range of payment options.

Disputing your infringement notice

If you do not agree with your animal infringement notice, you can apply for a review.

There are some circumstances that we will not consider for review of an animal infringement offence.

These include:

  • forgetting to register or renew your animal's registration
  • not recalling receiving your animal renewal
  • being unaware that you need to register your animal registration
  • your property wasn't secure and your animal escaped
  • believing that registering with a microchipping company is the same as registering with Knox City Council.

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