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Supporting gender equity in sport

Knox City Council actively supports sporting clubs to promote gender equality in sport and discourage violence against women.

About our work

In 2017, we partnered with other councils and sporting clubs to identify practical ways sporting clubs can promote and normalise gender equality within their clubs, and help change the story of violence against women.

Key outcomes of the project were:

Equality is the Game video

A short film highlighting the role of clubs in preventing sexism, encouraging equal access to opportunities and preventing violence against women.

Gender equity self-assessment tool

The Creating a Place for Women in Sport self-assessment tool gets clubs talking about how women and men can take part equally.

It can also help clubs see how they're going with gender equality.

It measures different areas of a club's environment, including:

  • leadership
  • club culture
  • membership and engagement
  • volunteers and employees
  • facilities.

You may want to use the Creating a Place for Women in Sport Self-Assessment tip sheet.

There's also an action plan template for you to document key successes and areas for improvement.

More information

Learn more about why gender equality in sport matters.

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