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Thanks for your patience over the next few weeks while we clean up fallen trees after the recent storms. Find out more about free storm related waste drop offs at the Knox Transfer Station and extra bin collections.

Business waste and recycling

Most local businesses in Knox City Council are eligible for business waste collection, but only some businesses will find our service options suitable.

About business waste and recycling

Our business waste and recycling collection service is for small amounts of domestic-type rubbish only. This means waste that will fit into wheelie bins, such as rubbish and recycling from:

  • staff lunchrooms and bathrooms
  • offices and small businesses.

This service does not replace bulk bin (commercial or industrial waste collection) services, which are provided by many different private companies operating across Knox.

Business bin fees

We base our fees on a 240 litre rubbish bin and a 240 litre recycle bin.

Fees are current from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

Weekly rubbish and recycling collection$735.81 per service

Daily rubbish collection and weekly recycling collection

5 week days (no weekends)

$2,433.76 per service
Weekly rubbish collection (no recycling)$538.02 per service

Daily rubbish collection (no recycling)

5 week days (no weekends)

$2,217.98 per service
An additional 240 litre recycling bin$276.11 per bin

Fees are charged on a pro-rata basis from the date the bins are delivered to the property.

How to apply for a bin service

You can request a new bin service online:

Request a new bin service (new property)

What goes in your rubbish bin

Use your all red bin or all brown bin for:

  • general rubbish
  • light globes, window glass, mirrors, ceramics and drinking glasses (wrapped and labelled "glass")
  • nappies (wrapped), tissues and paper towel
  • soft plastic packaging, wrappers and cling film
  • plastic plant pots
  • polystyrene.

What doesn't go in your rubbish bin

Do not use your all red bin or all brown bin for:

  • timber, bricks, rubble, steel or building materials
  • syringes
  • recyclables (put these in your recycling bin)
  • fluids or liquids including motor oil, pesticides, paints or solvents
  • hot ashes (ensure they are completely cold)
  • batteries, chemicals or hazardous waste, which have the potential to produce toxic odours or cause a fire in the bin or collection truck.

View A-Z rubbish and recycling guide

What goes in your recycling bin

See what items you can and cannot put in your all blue recycling bin on our Recycling bin collection page.

When to put your rubbish bin out

Businesses can choose from a daily or weekly rubbish collection.

If needed, we can also provide a weekly recycle collection bin. We include it in the cost of the first rubbish service.

A business recycling bin can only be offered with a business rubbish bin service.

Knox Council collects business waste as per normal schedule for all public holidays. This includes the Christmas and New Year period.

Missed bin collection

Council collects business bin contents by 6pm on your collection day.

You can call us on 9298 8000 within 36 hours (1.5 business days) of your scheduled collection day.

Should you find a sticker on your bin or a notice in your letterbox, follow the directions on the sticker or notice.

Other business recycling options

Learn more about other options to recycle your business waste or refer to the ASPIRE online marketplace to save on waste disposal costs.

Other bin services

You can request additional bins, report a damaged bin or report a missing bin online.

Order additional bins (garbage or recycling)

Damaged bins

Stolen Bins or missing bins

Online requests are actioned during opening hours.

The property owner or real estate agent must make these requests. If you are a tenant, contact them directly.

Apply for, change or cancel a bin

You can also apply for, change, or cancel business bins.

Cancel a bin service online

Download the application form (Word doc)

Please return the completed form via email or post:

Need help?

Contact us and we will get back to you.

Or call our Customer Service team on 9298 8000.

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