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COVID-19 Update

Restrictions will be in place from 11:59pm Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June. Most council facilities will be closed. Events have been cancelled. Critical services will continue. Find out more

Counselling and Emergency Relief

Residents needing to access counselling and welfare services have a range of options in the local community. Council itself provides funding to Eastern Access Community Health (EACH) for the provision of generalist and financial counselling services.

Knox Infolink in Boronia provides information for families and/or individuals experiencing hardship and can provide material aid.

Knox Youth Services provides information, referral, support and programs for young people aged 10 - 25 years who live, work, study or recreate in the City of Knox.

COVID 19 Community and Welfare Relief Services

Knox has developed the attached resource to inform the Knox community about the services that are available to support them during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
View the document


The causes of Homelessness are complex, with no single trigger. Individual, interpersonal and structural factors play a role and interact with each other. View more information and resources.

Knox Youth Services Counselling

Knox Youth Services offer counselling on a short-term basis for young people aged 10-25. Parent and family support is also available.

Young People seek support and counselling at various times in their lives for different issues, concerns and circumstances that arise. Counselling from Knox Youth Services is provided in a safe and confidential environment for the young person to be able to express their concerns, chat about their issues and access appropriate support.

If you wish to access a counsellor for a young person between 10 & 25 years, make a referral, or are seeking information in regards to our service or other counselling options for young people in the area contact our Youth Information Centre.

To find out more about Knox Youth Services Counselling visit the Knox Youth Services Counselling web page.

Knox Youth Information Centre (YIC)

As part of our service, we have a shop front called 'The Youth Information Centre' also known as 'The YIC'.

The YIC is located at Knox Ozone, 2 Capital City Boulevard, Ground Floor, opposite Knox headspace and is open Monday - Thursday 1-5pm.

The YIC provides information, advice, individual assistance and referral for young people and their families. The YIC is also open and available to parents, teachers, youth workers, and other workers working on behalf on young people.

For further information, or to make a referral, contact the Youth Resource Officer @ YIC on telephone: 9298 8469.

Knox Emergency Relief Network

The Knox Emergency Relief Network is a network of agencies and organisations that provide emergency relief and material aid such as food vouchers and food parcels to people in financial crisis living within the City of Knox.

Please visit Knox Emergency Relief Network for more information

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