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Dog play park

Knox City Council has a fully fenced, off leash dog play park at the Knox Park Reserve (corner of Bunjil Way), Ferntree Gully Road, Knoxfield.

About the park

The park provides an ideal setting for dogs to socialise with other pets while being in a safer environment that enables off leash exercise.

We've made the park fun too with the inclusion of several agility items such as:

  • hurdles
  • tunnel
  • weave poles.

The play park provides a fully fenced off area that is perfect for a whole range of dog ages and abilities.

1672 Ferntree Gully Road corner of, Bunjil Way, Knoxfield VIC 3180

Guidelines for park users

There are some simple rules that users must follow.

  • The use of the dog play park is at the risk of the dog owner.
  • Dog owners must be present and have control of their dogs at all times.
  • Dogs showing any signs of aggression must be removed immediately.
  • Owners or supervisors must clean up and place dog waste and any other rubbish in the bins provided.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Activities unrelated to dogs are not permitted.
  • Dogs must be on lead before entering or exiting the dog play park.
  • The dog play park is not to be used for professional dog training purposes.
  • Owners and supervisors of dogs are legally responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dogs.
  • Alcohol is not to be consumed in the dog play park.

Wet weather

The site is a natural drainage reserve which can be slow to drain during extended periods of rain. There may be periods during winter and spring that we may need to close off the park at short notice to protect the turf surface.

In order to protect the grounds, we also recommend that you:

  • use the area a little less when it is raining heavily to avoid damage to the ground surface
  • try to use different parts of the park rather than just one popular spot. That spreads the impact of you and your dog’s playtime right across the grounds.


Knox City Council disclaims all liabilities for injuries caused by dogs or others at this park.

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