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How we calculate your rates

Council uses the Capital Improved Value (CIV) to calculate your rates.

This is simply the value of the land, building and any other improvements, multiplied by a differential dollar rate. The rate changes depending on how the land and any improvements are used.

About Capital Improved Value

The Capital Improved Value is multiplied by the rate in the dollar to calculate the general rates to be paid by each assessment.

For 2023/24, the following differential rates in the dollar are:

  • Vacant Land Differential Rate: 0.0045686
  • Derelict Land Differential Rate: 0.0045686
  • Retirement Village Differential Rate: 0.0011422
  • Residential Differential Rate: 0.0015229
  • Commercial Differential Rate: 0.0038072
  • Industrial Differential Rate: 0.0040356
  • Cultural and Recreational Lands Act Rate: 0.0015229

How it is calculated

For example: the rates for residential property are:

$750,000.000 (The CIV valued)

x 0.0015229 (the differential rate or rate in the dollar)

= $1,142.17 (annual rates payable).

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