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Olly the wonder cat

Pet Registration Incentive

There's never been a better time to register your new pet

Knox is currently offering the following reduced pet registration fees for newly purchased dogs and cats that have been microchipped and are registered within 30 days of purchase.

Animals that are registered under the incentive will receive the reduced registration to the end of the current registration period.

  • For a dog or cat adopted from a shelter or pound and is registered within 30 days, the first registration period is free. The Shelter or pound must be a domestic animal business registered with a Local Council. You will need to supply the relevant documentation.
  • For a puppy, which is less than 6 months old and is NOT desexed the first registration period will be the regular reduced fee; no further concession applies. Please note that for the reduced rate to apply to future registration periods you will need to get your puppy desexed and provide the desexing certificate to Council prior to 10 April. If no certificate is received then the registration renewal will be at the full fee.

This incentive aims to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage pet registration. Having your pet registered will assist officers in returning your animal when lost and helps reduce the number of unclaimed animals being euthanised at the pound. This offer is in line with the objectives outlined in Knox's Domestic Animal Management Plan which Council adopted in 2018.

Proof of purchase is required when registering your pet. You will need to present a valid tax invoice from a domestic animal business registered with a local Council (i.e. pet shop, Council registered breeder or animal shelter) as your proof of purchase.

This offer only applies to animals volunteered for registration that have been purchased from a registered domestic animal business registered with a Council (i.e. pet shop, Council registered breeder or animal shelter) and does not apply to dogs and cats impounded or found to be in breach of other sections of the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

If more than one month has passed since acquiring your pet then you will not be eligible for this offer.

Declared dogs are exempt from this offer and the full price of registration must be paid whether they are declared menacing, a restricted breed, dangerous on residential properties or dangerous on non-residential properties.

There is an obligation under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 where local councils are required to pay the Treasurer $4 for every dog and cat registration. The money that councils collect on behalf of the State Government is put into a Domestic Animal Welfare Fund and is used for ongoing education programs. More information can be found at the State Government's Responsible Pet Ownership Program website.

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