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Knox Housing Strategy and Knox Residential Design Guidelines

The Knox Housing Strategy applies a ‘scaled approach’ to housing development across the different areas of Knox. The Strategy designates areas as either Bush Suburban, Local Living, Knox Neighbourhood or Activity Area and sets out the preferred types of housing (detached dwellings, dual occupancies, villa units, townhouses and/or apartments) for each area.

The Strategy is complemented by the Knox Residential Guidelines, which provide detailed guidance for the different residential areas and types of housing described in the Strategy. The Guidelines seek to ensure that new residential development is designed according to specific requirements for the relevant area and housing type. More broadly, the Guidelines aim to improve the quality, design, sustainability and accessibility of residential development.

The Strategy and Guidelines work together to set out Council’s plan for residential development in Knox. These documents are implemented through the Knox Planning Scheme in the form of zones and local policies. The overarching objectives of the Strategy are articulated in the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) in the Knox Planning Scheme.

Download the Strategy and Guidelines below.

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