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Rezoning of land in Rowville (Amendment C189knox)

Amendment C189knox rezoned land in Rowville.

The rezoning better reflects and protects the unique character of properties along Taylors Lane, Murray Cresent, Vista Crescent and Fordham Court.

About the Amendment

The amendment applies to land at the following properties within Rowville:

  • 24 to 26 Taylors Lane
  • 26 t0 58 Murray Crescent (even numbers only)
  • 42 to 70 Vista Crescent (even numbers only)
  • 5, 6A, 6B and 7 Fordham Court.

The Amendment:

  • amended Clause 21.06-3 (Design and Character) by inserting a new strategy under Objective 4 to read:
    • 4.5 In Rowville support residential development that provides an appropriate transition to dwellings in the Low Density Residential Zone through the provision of large backyards for landscaping, tree planting and open space (new)
  • rezoned the affected land from the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 4 (NRZ4), to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone – Schedule 9 (NRZ9).

The intention of the Amendment is to:

  • reflect the role of the affected properties in providing an appropriate transition to adjacent properties within the Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ)
  • clarify policy direction by amending the local policy at Clause 21.06-3 (Design and Character).
  • recognise the character of these properties through a rezoning that maintains the neighbourhood residential zone but applies a new schedule to
    • temper future development
    • respect the streetscape
    • provide for a distinct level of open space
    • landscaping to protect the uniqueness of this area.

The Amendment documents can be viewed on the Department of Transport and Planning website.


At its meeting on the 22 May 2023, Council adopted Amendment C189knox, with minor changes in line with the recommendations of the panel report.

Amendment C189knox was gazetted and incorporated within the Knox Planning Scheme by the Minister for Planning on 28 September 2023.

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