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Aerial view of Upper Ferntree Gully

The Upper Gully Plan - Upper Gully Strategy Plan (Amendment C162 2017)

The Upper Gully Plan includes two key elements:

  • The Upper Gully Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) is the planning document that will guide what Upper Ferntree Gully will be and how it will function in terms of its social, environmental and economic future.
  • The Streetscape Design Project that focuses on physical improvements to the Upper Gully shopping precinct (the area along Burwood Highway)

Upper Gully Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan was developed to manage, influence and facilitate appropriate social, environmental and economic changes and assist Council in future decision making and planning for Upper Ferntree Gully. The Strategic Plan was informed by technical and background research, and stakeholder and community priorities identified during a comprehensive engagement process.

Council at its meeting on 23 January 2017 adopted the Strategic Plan, Implementation Plan and supporting technical documents.

Refer to the File Downloads below.

Amendment C162

Following Council’s decision to abandon Amendment C141 at the Strategic Planning Committee meeting held on 10 April 2017, Council decided to request:

“the Minister for Planning to prepare, adopt and approve an Amendment to the Knox Planning Scheme, under Section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, generally in accordance with the recommendations of the panel report relating to Amendment C141 (which included mandatory maximum building heights to 8.5 metres for all of the Upper Ferntree Gully Activity Centre except for the 1812 Theatre at 1-3 Rose Street which had a mandatory maximum building height of 12 metres).”

On 21 April 2017, Amendment C162 to the Knox Planning Scheme was lodged with the Minister of Planning for consideration and approval.
The notice of approval for Amendment C162 was published by the Minister of Planning in the Victoria Government Gazette on 10 August 2017 and is now incorporated into the Knox Planning Scheme.

The Amendment is generally consistent with Council’s adopted position, however mandatory maximum building heights are increased from 8.5 metres (two storeys) to 9 metres (two storeys) for all of the Upper Ferntree Gully Activity Centre consistent with the maximum building heights introduced in Amendment VC110 Reformed Residential Zones that changed the Victoria Planning Provisions. The 1812 Theatre site at 1-3 Rose Street has a mandatory maximum building height of 12 metres (3 storeys) to facilitate the construction of a fly-tower for the Theatre, in accordance with Council’s adopted position.

View Amendment C162 at

The adoption of the Upper Gully Strategic Plan and its introduction into the Knox Planning Scheme on a permanent basis through Amendment C162 provides greater certainty for developers and the community in terms of future built form outcomes and Council’s commitment to support improvements and facilitate investment in the Activity Centre.

Amendment C141

At the 27 February 2017 Council meeting, the rescission motion to Council’s decision on 23 January 2017 for Amendment C141 (Upper Gully Strategic Plan) to adopt the Strategic Plan, Implementation Plan and supporting technical documents, but abandon Amendment C141 was put forward and lost.

Therefore, Council’s decision at its meeting on 23 January 2017 stands. The Minister for Planning was notified of Council’s decision to abandon Amendment C141. Notification of the lapse of Amendment C141 was published in the Government Gazette on 6 April 2017.

Further information on the events that led to Council’s decision, can be viewed at Chronology of Council Decisions for Amendment C141.

Independent Planning Panel

All submissions were considered by an independent Planning Panel.

The role of the independent Planning Panel is to:

  • Give submitters an opportunity to be heard in an independent forum in an informal, non-judicial manner; and
  • Give independent advice to the Planning Authority (Knox City Council) and the Minister about the proposed Amendment.

Directions Hearing

The Directions Hearing was held on Friday 14 October 2016 at Knox City Council Civic Centre.

Public Hearing

The Public Hearing was held over three days at the Knox City Council Civic Centre on Tuesday 15, Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November 2016.

More Information

Upper Gully Strategic Plan, Amendment C141 or Amendment C162

Contact Strategic Planning Lodge a request and we will get back to you or call our City Futures Team on 9298 8000.

Streetscape - Concept Design

Upper Ferntree Gully is a unique place, and its distinctive character is valued strongly by the Knox community.

Council has prepared a draft concept design for enhancing the streetscape within the Upper Ferntree Gully Activity Centre. The design includes practical upgrade works and new features that reflect Upper Ferntree Gully’s cherished history and identity.

View the draft Concept Design

Please email for more information.

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