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Knox Green Streets Policy

Trees on Blackwood Park Road, Ferntree Gully
Correa Reflexa

The Knox Green Streets Policy has been developed following Council’s endorsement of the Knox Liveable Streets Plan (2012-2022) and the review of the Knox Streetscape Policy (2003). The revision of the Knox Streetscape Policy has been named 'Knox Green Streets Policy' to reflect the subject matter, being street trees and naturestrip planting; Knox's urban greenery.

During consultation on the Knox Liveable Streets Plan (2012-2022) and Knox@50 the community placed importance on the concept of a green and leafy Knox.

Given the contribution that street trees and naturestrips make towards a green and leafy Knox, the Green Streets Policy has been prepared to guide implementation of street tree planting and guidance for the community in the maintenance of naturestrips.

New Green Streets initiative - Naturestrip makeovers

Naturestrips are a vital part of the Knox City Council’s Green Street environment and can significantly increase the aesthetic and environmental appeal of Knox’s much loved green and leafy character.

The naturestrip is an iconic feature of the Australian streetscape. It is part of our heritage and way of life; many a conversation has taken place on the naturestrip, helping neighbours become friends and building strong local communities.

Knox City Council has changed the policy regarding maintenance of naturestrips and so residents may now apply to give their naturestrips a makeover with native plants and indigenous flowers.

Council is here to help and support you in beautifying your naturestrip. We recommend careful planning of the plants to use for a naturestrip makeover and there are some important points you need to consider.

Property owners who have already planted on their naturestrip are encouraged to apply for a permit so there is a record of agreement between Council and the resident.

  • Please refer to the Naturestrip Planting Guidelines flyer
  • Council will care for your street tree but all other associated landscaping costs including ongoing maintenance of the naturestrip are borne by the resident.
  • You will need approval of your plan from Council. An Application Form and Planting Plan must be submitted by the property owner. See form below.
  • If approved, a Planting on Naturestrip Permit will be issued by Council (no cost)
  • By obtaining a Permit you ensure that Council will provide Public Liability Insurance for setting up and maintaining your naturestrip garden. Without a valid permit you may be personally liable for a public liability claim.

Planting ideas

The most suitable plants are native and indigenous wildflowers, ground covers and low growing shrubs. These plants often require little maintenance or water use while effectively competing with weeds and providing habitat for local fauna.

Plants must not exceed 500mm in height at full maturity – to ensure clear sightlines are maintained for pedestrians and vehicles.

List of indigenous plant options

What will not be approved

Strict guidelines apply to the planting of naturestrips. Council will NOT approve the installation of:

  • Watering systems
  • Artificial turf
  • Trees
  • Hard objects such as bricks, concrete, garden edges, logs, sleepers, river pebbles &stones
  • Edible plants such as vegetables, herbs or fruit crop (will require a soil contamination report prior to approval)

For further information contact Council's Coordinator - Open Space & Landscape Design on 9298 8000.

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