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Advice for owner-builders

If you build or renovate on your land, you may be eligible to become an owner-builder.

Owner-builders take responsibility for building work carried out on their own land.


As an owner-builder, you must:

  • understand requirements for building permits, occupancy permits and building contracts
  • pay the building permit levy
  • supervise or do the building work
  • ensure the building work is inspected
  • meet all building regulations and standards
  • let the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) know if costs increase as work goes on.

Owner-builders can't:

  • build multi-unit projects
  • build on a property that is not their main place of living.

Become an owner-builder

You need an owner-builder certificate of consent from the VBA if:

  • the construction value is more than $16,000, and
  • you live in or plan to live in the building.

When working out building costs, include all work costs such as labour and materials.

A relevant building surveyor may set a value for these costs if not estimated correctly.

They may ask a registered qualified quantity surveyor for a report.

Finishing the project

Your project is finished when the building surveyor gives you the:

  • Final Inspection Certificate, or
  • Occupancy Permit.

If the project will be sold within six and a half years you must get insurance. The insurance requires a technical inspection to check for defects.

This must be done by an Insurer Approved Inspection Service.

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