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Front and boundary fencing

Property owners in Knox are responsible for building and maintaining their own fences. This includes front fencing and boundary fencing on private land.

If you share a boundary fence with a neighbour you might be able to share fencing costs.

Front Fences

Part 5 of the Building Regulations detail most front fence requirements. These include:

  • height
  • construction
  • location
  • safety of the public.

The construction of some front fences needs a Report and Consent Application plus a building permit.

For example, a front fence over 1m high on a corner block or built within 9m of an intersection.

Fencing diagram and information

Lots under 300m2 will need a planning permit. Front fences over 1.2m in height may also require a building permit.

Boundary fences

The standard height for boundary fences between two properties can be up to 2m. They may be further extended up to 2.5m with open lattice, as long as all affected owners agree.

Boundary fences higher than 2m must have a building permit and may need a Council Report and Consent from Council.

Disputes about boundary fences are a civil matter so are not controlled by council. Find out more about shared fencing costs and disputes.

Declared roads

If you live on a declared road, your front fencing can be up to 2m high.

A declared road is defined as a freeway or an arterial road within the meaning of the Road Management Act 2004.

Declared roads in Knox:

  • Basin Olinda Road
  • Boronia Road
  • Burwood Highway
  • Dorset Road
  • Ferntree Gully Road
  • Forest Road (from Boronia Rd to Mountain Hwy)
  • High Street Road
  • Kelletts Road
  • Lysterfield Road (from Napoleon Rd to Wellington Rd)
  • Mountain Highway
  • Napoleon Road
  • Scoresby Road
  • Stud Road
  • Wantirna Road
  • Wellington Road.

Boundary fences adjacent to Council land

Council does not contribute to general maintenance and repair of existing fences.

Where a fence requiring replacement is next to or has a common boundary with Council land (excluding laneways, walkways or the street, which are not considered boundary fences), Council will contribute half the cost for the following:

  • a standard paling fence, 1.6m in height for standard allotments/local reserves (no trellis or variations)
  • a tree reserve fence, 1.9m in height with capping and every third post exposed for tree reserve allotments or along main arterial roads
  • any additions or variations to the above (such as, increased height, gate installation or trellis) will be at the cost of the applicant. Council does not contribute to general maintenance and repair of existing fences.

If you would like to apply to Council for half cost fencing, you need to provide two quotations from a registered provider with your name, address and contact details.

To place a request for half cost fencing, submit your quotes:

Knox City Council Civic Centre
511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South VIC 3152.

Urgent replacements

If fencing is down and deemed urgent (such as, a swimming pool exposed or animals no longer enclosed), you only need to supply one quote online as above. You can also call Council directly to flag the urgency of the request.

Council does not provide temporary fencing if the fence has fallen down.

The responsibility for rear fences adjacent to EastLink requiring replacement due to fair wear and tear is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

The legal requirement relating to costs for boundary fences is set out in Section 4, Schedule 5 of the Road Management Act 2004.

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