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Planning Scheme Review 2023

Learn more about the review of the Knox Planning Scheme that was conducted in 2023.


At its meeting on 28 August 2023, Knox City Council resolved to endorse the final Knox Planning Scheme Review and authorised officers to forward it to the Minister for Planning.

The adopted Planning Scheme Review was forwarded to the Minister on 21 September 2023.

Knox Planning Scheme

The Knox Planning Scheme is a framework which:

  • set outs objectives and rules regarding the protection and conservation of land 
  • informs, guides and regulates land use and development within the Knox Municipality.

Why it was reviewed

We are required to review the Knox Planning Scheme every 4 years by the Planning and Environmental Act 1987.

The review was also an opportunity to evaluate the planning scheme against:

  • any recent changes
  • current scheme amendments
  • completed planning scheme amendments
  • local issues or emerging trends.

Outcomes of the review

The Review makes 37 recommendations for updates and improvements to the Knox Planning Scheme, categorised into level of priority and timeframe.

Some of the key recommendations from the review include:

  • a review of the Knox Housing Strategy
  • progress the Boronia and Bayswater Renewal Strategies
  • implementing of recently adopted policies and strategies such as the Knox Social and Affordable Housing Strategy.

The review also identified areas which may continue to be or are emerging as issues for Knox.

Further discussion on these issues can be found in:

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