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Knox Green Areas and Rural Strategy

Knox City Council is developing the Green Areas and Rural Strategy (GARS) to cover areas that are of environmental, recreational, agricultural, rural living and landscape significance to the community.

About GARS

The project aims to:

  • gather evidence and develop a better understanding of the values and priorities within these areas
  • provide future objectives and strategic directions
  • identify opportunities to enhance environmental and social values
  • identify compatible land use potential including:
    • public open space and recreation
    • rural living
    • agriculture
    • tourism
    • other compatible rural uses.

Study areas

The area has been divided into five precincts based on:

  • location
  • landscape characteristics
  • existing planning controls.

They include:

  • Precinct 1: The Basin Rural Landscape Precinct
  • Precinct 2a: Lysterfield Valley and Hills
  • Precinct 2b: Lysterfield Quarries and Surrounds
  • Precinct 3: Dandenong Creek Valley Precinct
  • Precinct 4: Healesville Freeway Reservation and Surrounds

Project stages

The project has five stages:

  1. Setting the scene
  2. Issues and opportunities analysis
  3. Visioning (completed March-April 2020)
  4. Strategy development (draft expected mid 2021)
  5. Implementation and monitoring (if proposed).

Current status

The first three stages have been completed.

In March-April 2020, Knox City Council undertook preliminary stakeholder and public consultation as part of Stage 3 of the project.

A Community Consultation Report was reported to Council in August 2020. The findings will guide the objectives and strategies for each precinct.

Once the GARS strategy is developed, it will undergo another round of public consultation prior to finalisation and implementation.

More information about GARS

See the following documents:

  • The GARS Visioning Brochure - a summary of key draft issues and opportunities and a draft vision statement for each precinct.
  • Stage 1 - Setting the Scene Report - a background report and analysis of the existing conditions in each of the five precincts.
  • Stage 2 - Draft Issues and Opportunities Report – a technical background report, analysis and recommendations for the overall direction of the Project. The report was informed by expert advice from the fields of:
    • biodiversity
    • agriculture
    • landscape
    • economy
    • heritage.

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