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Knox Housing Strategy (Amendment 131knox)

The Knox Housing Strategy 2015 sets out Council’s plan for managing housing growth and development to respond to the current and future housing needs of our community.

About the Strategy

The Strategy supports a scaled approach to residential development to accommodate population growth and the community's changing household needs. This scaled approach recognises that some parts of the City will need to accommodate change and there will be limited change in other areas to protect and enhance Knox's green and leafy character and protect areas of environmental significance.

Areas within Knox are designated as:

Bush Suburban

This includes two distinct areas - the Dandenong Foothills and the Sites of Biological Significance. These areas have distinctive and significant biological values.

Limited and low scale residential development is anticipated in these areas to protect the environmental and biological qualities that make these areas distinct.

Knox Neighbourhood

This represents the majority of Knox’s residential areas.

These areas will continue to be low-scale development, characterised by detached dwellings with large backyards that contribute to the area’s green and leafy character.

Local Living

This is focused around the larger local villages including:

  • Wantirna Mall
  • Studfield
  • Scoresby Village
  • Mountain Gate
  • The Orchards.

These areas are within walking distance of local shops and public transport. Medium-scale residential development that contributes to the green and leafy character of the area is encouraged within these areas.

Activity Areas

Knox’s Activity Centres contain a range of shops, services and employment and have good access to public transport. A greater range and increased density of residential development is encouraged within these areas.

Preferred housing types

The Strategy sets out the preferred types of housing for each area. These include:

  • detached dwellings
  • dual occupancies
  • villa units
  • townhouses and/or apartments.

Read the Knox Housing Strategy

Knox Residential Guidelines

The Knox Housing Strategy is supported by residential guidelines that provide detailed guidance for the different residential areas and preferred types of housing.

Read the Knox Residential Design Guidelines

Amendment C131knox

Amendment C131knox implemented the relevant recommendations of the Housing Strategy into the Knox Planning Scheme to support a scaled approach to residential development.

The Amendment was approved and gazetted by the Minister for Planning in March 2016.

Amendment C131knox and its supporting documents are available on the Department Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

Find out more about Planning Scheme Amendments.

Zones and overlays

Planning controls apply to every property in Knox. For more information, see the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

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