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Advertising a planning application

Many planning applications must be advertised.

This is done through a Notice of Application.

A Notice of Application

The Notice of Application can be a:

  • letter sent to surrounding owners and occupiers
  • notice on site
  • newspaper notice, for example the Herald Sun
  • combination of the above.

You can see plans and supporting documents on our website for planning applications which are being advertised online.

Once you've reviewed the information, you may choose to submit an objection or support the application.

The advertising process

Council will advertise the application, whether or not we're likely to support the application.

When you've paid the advertising fees, Council sends the mailout and tells the contractor where to put the Public Notice Signs.

The contractor takes a photo of the signs when they've been put up, and again after the 14-clear day period when they're removed.

The contractor then lets us know the advertising process is complete.

Advertising fees

If Council decides that a planning permit application must be advertised, we'll send you an invoice for advertising fees.

The fees cover:

  • the mailout to affected properties
  • placing the sign on the site
  • removing the sign from the site.

You can pay advertising fees online or by phone.

Pay your advertising fees online 

Viewing unadvertised applications

Planning applications that are not on advertising may be viewed upon request only. Requests can be made to KnoxBuilding&[email protected].

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