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Gender Equity - Creating a Place for Women in Sport

Short Film: Equality is the Game!

The short film Equality is the Game! funded by the Victorian State Government, is directed at clubs and highlights the role of clubs in preventing sexism, encouraging equal access to opportunities and preventing violence against women.

Sporting clubs can help create environments where women are safe, included, valued and can participate equally.

Knox City Council, together with Maroondah City Council and Yarra Ranges Shire Council are providing resources for sporting clubs to achieve gender equality by improving pathways for girls and women to participate in sport at all levels.

Creating a Place for Women in Sport self-assessment for sport and recreation clubs is a practical tool that helps clubs identify strengths and opportunities to promote gender equality.

The tool aims to assist clubs to recognise how they are going in relation to gender equality and to look at different areas of their environment, including leadership, club culture, membership and engagement, volunteers and employees and facilities.

It provides an opportunity for clubs to learn and discuss ways it can create environments where women and men can equally participate in sport and physical activity. The tool also includes an opportunity to record key successes and areas for improvement via a club action plan.

For More Information

The tool has been designed for clubs that are either male-dominated or have an equal gender balance of members but are looking to create a more inclusive environment for women.

For more information about the importance of promoting gender equality, view: Fact Sheet Why Take Action

If you're involved in a sporting club that you believe could benefit from the Creating A Place For Women in Sport initiative, please contact Council's Leisure Services Team on 9298 8000.

For local councils or organisations using the tool

If you are a local council or organisation wanting to use the Creating a Place for Women in Sport self-assessment within your work, please read Supporting clubs to use the tool - Organisation Tip Sheet

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