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Facilities Closed

Knox City Council has closed many of its public facilities to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the community. This includes the Civic Centre Customer Service Counter. More information

Olly the wonder cat

Pet Registration

Renew your pet registration

Renew your cat or dog registration online with your animal reference number.

Cat and Dog registration renewals are due on 10 April each year. This year we are allowing payment until 30 June to give those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic more time to pay.

To renew your registration you will need your Reference Number which is located at the top right of your renewal notice or in your reminder SMS.

Failure to renew your registration by April 10 each year is an offence and penalties apply.

Change your animals registration details

Please ensure that your pet details are correct and current. Up to date information is vital when trying to reunite lost pets with their owners.

If you are changing ownership of the animal then the current legal owner would need to advise Council that they are no longer the owner and the new owner would need to complete and sign a new registration form (if the dog still resides in Knox).

In addition to advising Council, you should also update any details with your pet's microchip registry.

New pet registrations

Register your cat or dog online.

You can register your cat or dog online quick and easy, alternately, you can download an application form and bring it into the Civic Centre, 511 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South.

Reduced rate for new dog and cat registrations

Council is continuing to offer a reduced rate pet registration for recently purchased cats and dogs.
Conditions apply. Find out if your dog or cat is eligible for reduced registration on our pet registration incentive page.

Registration Fees 2020-2021

Below are the current registration fees which will be valid until 10 April 2021. These fees include a $4.10 State Government levy (CPI adjusted each July).

Refunds (excluding the mandatory State Government levy) are assessed on a case-by-case basis provided that:

- A pet passes away within 30 days of the first registration; or
- A pet passes away within 30 days of renewing registration*

Refunds associated with renewed registrations will not be considered after May 10 of each year

Registration fees for dogs

Dogs Regular Concession
Dog that meets any of the following: *Desexed; *Over 10 years old; *Registered and owner current member of an approved association; *Kept for breeding at licensed premises; *Farm Working Dog; *Undergone obedience training which complies with the regulations. $48.00 $24.00
Dog Entire/Unsterilised and not included in above $188.00 $94.00
Restricted Breed Dog $317.00 N/A
Declared Menacing Dog $317.00 N/A
Declared Dangerous Dog $317.00 N/A
For a dog adopted from a shelter or pound and is registered within 30 days, the first registration period is free. The Shelter or pound must be a domestic animal business registered with a Local Council. You will need to supply all the relevant documentation. All subsequent registration periods will incur the normal fee applicable. $0 $0
For a puppy which is less than 6 months old and is NOT desexed. Please note that for the reduced rate to apply to future registration periods you will need to get your puppy desexed and provide the desexing certificate to Council prior to 10 April. If no certificate is received then the registration renewal will be at the full fee. $48.00 N/A

Registration fees for cats

Cats Regular Concession
Cats that meets any of the following: *Desexed; *Over 10 years old; Current member of an approved association; *Kept for breeding at a licensed premises. $44.00 $22.00
Cat unsterilised (medical exemption required) $188.00 N/A
For a cat adopted from a shelter or pound and is registered within 30 days, the first registration period is free. The Shelter or pound must be a domestic animal business registered with a Local Council. You will need to supply the relevant documentation. All subsequent registration periods will incur the normal fee applicable. $0 $0

Concessions on pet registration

Concessions are available on cat and dog registrations under certain conditions. To see if you qualify for a discounted category, read our guide to understanding the discounted fee categories and then refer to the tables above for the registration amount.

From 10 October each year registration fees will be at a half price pro rata fee.

No concessions apply to declared dangerous, menacing, or restricted breed dogs.

A 50% reduction of the registration fee applies to a person who is an eligible recipient within the meaning of the State Concessions Act 2004. If you are eligible for a concession you must complete an application form accompanied with proof of eligibility.

The following cardholders are eligible for pensioner rate concession for Animal Registrations:

Department of Human Services (Centrelink)

  • Pensioner Concession Card

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • DVA Gold Repatriation Health Card - TPI
  • DVA Gold Repatriation Health Card - War Widow

Exemptions to pet registration fees

A vision or hearing impaired person who keeps and uses a dog as a guide dog is not required to pay a fee for their registration.

Guide dogs which are owned and being trained by an approved organisation are also exempt from paying a registration fee.

Greyhounds registered with Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) are exempt from being registered with Council. If a greyhound is not registered with GRV, it must be registered with Council.

Pet Greyhounds and those that have gone through the Greyhound Adoption Program must be registered with Council.

Why do I need to register my pet?

Victorian legislation requires all dogs and cats aged 3 months and over to be microchipped and registered with Council. In addition, all cats must be desexed prior to registration. Registration renewals are due by 10 April each year. All cats and dogs must also wear their Council tag when outside their premises. The Council tag will ensure that in the event of your animal becoming lost, he or she can be quickly returned home.

Penalties apply if you fail to register your dog or cat with Council or if you fail to renew their registration by 10 April. Council conducts random doorknocks throughout the municipality to check for unregistered animals.

Pet identification tags

Council has lifetime tags for pet registration. This initiative means that the tag you receive stays with your pet for life. If the writing on the tag wears off, or the tag becomes lost, contact Council for a replacement. Request a replacement registration tag

This tag must be worn by your pet when it is outside your property. Fines apply if your pet is found outside your premises and it is not wearing it's Council tag.

Introducing lifetime tags has many benefits, including no wastage of unused tags at the end of the year, no need for pet owners to cut off the old tag to replace with a new tag each year, savings in the renewal process not having to have tags included in each renewal, and the number on the tags give continuity to the system.

Microchipping dogs and cats in Knox

All dogs and cats registered with Council for the first time to be microchipped. This includes any dogs or cats that may already be registered in another municipality, but transfer to Knox Council. Because the animal will be registered with Knox Council for the first time, it is required to be microchipped.

Microchipping is done by a Veterinary surgeon at any Veterinary Clinic. Find a local vet in Knox.

Cat Curfew

On Wednesday 1 January 2020 Knox City Council will be introducing a 12-month pilot cat curfew, requiring cats to be confined to their owner’s premises between sunset and sunrise everyday.

This will mean that your cat will need to stay in your house, shed, garage, yard, enclosure or similar to ensure it does not leave your property between sunset and sunrise.

View more information on cats and containing cats.

Compulsory Desexing of Cats

Compulsory desexing of cats was introduced in Knox from April 2011. This only applies to newly registered cats and not to those already currently registered. For more information, read our Compulsory Desexing of Cats page.

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