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COVID-19 Update

Restrictions will be in place from 11:59pm Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June. Most council facilities will be closed. Events have been cancelled. Critical services will continue. Find out more



To reduce the risk to our drivers through manual handling of bins, please place your bin for collection in a spot that won't be blocked by parked cars, such as the edge of your driveway.

Recycling industry impacts

We recognise that recycling is a very important issue for our community and following recent issues, have taken action to restore our recycling services as quickly as possible. Knox City Council has entered into an agreement with Polytrade Pty Ltd to ensure that our recycling can continue to be collected and then sorted and processed.

There are no changes to our kerbside service so please continue to recycle as usual.

It is more important than ever to make sure your Blue-lidded recycling bin contains the correct material, and to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle when it comes to your household rubbish/recycling.

Knox City Council is committed to working together with all levels of government to achieve sustainable outcomes for the whole of the industry.

What happens once my recycling has been collected?

Your blue-lidded recycling bin is picked up by our recycling collection contractors (JJ Richards), who transport the materials to the Polytrade Recycling Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), in Dandenong South.

The Polytrade MRF then mechanically sorts and separates the recyclables into different streams of paper, cardboard, glass, aluminium, steel and plastic containers. The separated materials are then compacted into blocks, and taken by trucks to reprocessing facilities both here and overseas, and used in making new products.

Through the process, contamination is removed, some of it by hand. This is sent to landfill. It is really important not to place unacceptable material in your recycling bin. This includes items such as plastic bags, nappies, grass, ewaste, garbage or syringes.

What can I put in my recycling bin?

Rescue our Recycling

A range of items can be recycled.

Read our A-Z Guide to Waste and Recycling or the Rescue our Recycling poster

Did you know that the following items CAN be put into your recycling bin?

  • Wrapping paper and greeting cards.
  • Pizza boxes – just make sure they are empty.
  • Compact disc cases (no discs).
  • Hard plastic packaging and food containers – eg. hard plastic packaging from batteries and electrical equipment, take away containers, biscuit trays, strawberry punnets.
  • Aluminium baking trays.
  • Aluminium foil – scrunched into a loose ball.
  • Pet food tins, seafood tins – rinse if worried about the smell.

Bin requests, stolen bins and missed collections


Take your electronic waste, like TVs, computers and household appliances to a better place.

To find out more about e-waste visit our E-Waste Page

Recycling other items

Just because you can’t put it in your recycling bin, doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled.

The Knox Transfer Station & Recycling Facility can recycle car batteries, undamaged televisions, computers and computer equipment.


Recycling soft plastics

Soft plastics – the kind that can be scrunched into a ball – are among the biggest problems in the kerbside recycling system, as they get caught in the recycling machinery. The good news is these plastics can be recycled at many supermarkets through the REDcycle program. The plastic is made into furniture for schools and kindergartens among other things.

If it's soft plastic and can be scrunched into a ball, it can be placed in a REDcycle drop off bin. A good way to remember to recycle these plastics is to put them straight into your reusable shopping bag to take to the local Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

Visit REDcycle Website for further information and for drop off locations.

Recycling tips

Make sure that you empty items before recycling and put them loose into your bin – not in plastic bags which stop them from being sorted.

You don’t need to wash containers.

Here are some links that can help you with how and where to recycle.

Detox Your Home is a safe, free service to dispose of toxic, unwanted household chemicals.

Recycling Near You is where you find out about what you can and can't recycle in your household recycling services. Search for drop-off locations to recycle a wide range of items including electronic waste, batteries, printer cartridges, whitegoods, furniture and much more.

Red Cycle is a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation who has developed and implemented the Redcycle Program; a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

Planet Ark help people, governments and businesses reduce their impact on the environment.

Recycling Myths Busted

Recycling Myths Busted

Myth one:

"It doesn't have a number in a triangle so I can't recycle it."

FALSE! If the plastic is rigid and holds its shape, it CAN be recycled. Even if it doesn't have a number.

Test your knowledge about recycling in our Recycling Myths infographic.

View more Recycling Myths

Turn on Closed Captions in the YouTube player or read the video transcript.

What happens to my recycling?

Recycling is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility for sorting so that it can be processed into new products.

Can someone reuse your unwanted items?

Donate unwanted household goods

Many charities accept donations of good quality clothing, furniture and other goods. Pick up of larger items from your home can be arranged.

Charity Bins throughout Knox.

Local charities

Angliss Hospital FTG Auxiliaries Opp Shop
Shop 4, 101 Station St Ferntree Gully.
Animal Aid Opportunity Shop
Aussie Veterans Opportunity Shop
Boronia Mall Shopping Centre, Boronia.
Ph: 9761 0468
Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Stores
Eastern Emergency Relief Network
Hills Opp Shop
18 Alpine St Ferntree Gully.
Ph: 9758 1201
Knox Opportunity Shop
29 Macauley Pl, Bayswater.
Ph: 9729 9844
PWP (Parents without partners) Opp Shop
7 Rose St Upper Ferntree Gully.
Scoresby Opp Shop
4 Darryl St Scoresby.
Ph: 9753 2203
St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies)
The Salvation Army (Salvos Stores)
Villa Maria Opp Shop
348 Mountain Hwy Wantirna.
Ph: 9729 2294
Villa Maria Opp Shop
16/1880 Ferntree Gully Rd, Ferntree Gully.
Ph: 9758 0174

Fridges and Whitegoods

Brotherhood Fridges (Brotherhood of St Laurence) pick up whitegoods from across Melbourne for recycling or resale. Free pick up from Knox area on Mondays (bookings must be made).

The Brotherhood of St Laurence

Buy second hand goods

At the Knox Treasure Chest you can purchase second hand goods including, building materials, plumbing supplies, clothing, bric-a-brac, mulch, home goods and lots more!

Open 9am-4pm daily.
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.

George Street (off High Street Road), Wantirna South.

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