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Transport Education

In general, many of our students in Knox are driven to school. Walking and cycling to school has many benefits for the environment, health, traffic congestion and safety. To encourage more students to walk and cycle to school, Knox runs a number of programs and provides access to various resources for schools.

Transport and Road Safety Incursions

Road safety skills are an important part of a child’s development. To improve road safety skills, Council has developed the 'Safety with Lottie' program. This is a holistic program that educates students on road safety skills from early years to grade 6. The program consists of a number of interactive incursions that are available for teachers to book.

Program Appropriate Level Description Where to Register
Safety with Lottie
(30 minutes)
Early Years An interactive incursion that;
  • Introduces the 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think' concept.
  • Uses our School Crossing Mascot (Lottie) to assist students to learn about what a school crossing looks like.
Safety with Lottie
(45 minutes)
Foundation -
Grade 3
An interactive incursion that;
  • Reinforces the 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think' concept.
  • Uses our School Crossing Mascot (Lottie) to assist students to learn how to act around a school crossing.
  • Discusses basic distractions.
Road Safety and Travel Planning
(45 minutes)
Grade 3 -
Grade 6
An interactive workshop that
  • Focuses on the 'Think' component of the 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think' motto.
  • Discusses where and how to cross the road when there is no supervised school crossing.
  • Develops mapping skills through an exercise that identifies safe and unsafe places to cross.
  • Tailors all examples to each school environment.

Events and Programs

Council understands the importance of Active Travel and delivers a range of Active Transport and Road Safety events across the whole year.

Program Appropriate Level Description Where to Register
Walk to School


Commences annually in October
All grades Walk to School is a VicHealth initiative supported by Knox City Council. During the whole month of October, Council works with schools, students, parents and staff to encourage everyone to walk to school. Walk to school is fun and a great way for school communities to get fit and win local and regional prizes.

The program runs for the whole month of October.

Registrations commence in August 2019.
To register or for more information, visit:

Walk to School
The Achievement Program


Available all year
Staff and Students The Achievement Program is an evidence based framework that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in your school. The program has dedicated support staff that assists your school in achieving your two top priority health concerns in your school.

The program is free and can be tailored to your school.

As part of the program, your school will be able to access a range of resources that can be used in line with the Victorian curriculum.
For more information visit:

The Achievement Program

For support or to register, please contact:
Catherine Delaney,
Health Promotion Officer, EACH
E: Catherine Delaney
T: 9757 6278

Grant Opportunities

Want to be involved in Active Transport? There are a range of grants that are available to assist your school with funding:

Program Appropriate Level Description Where to Register
Bike Ed Teacher Training Assistance Grant (BETTAG)


Teachers A monetary grant to assist schools train one Bike Ed Teacher. Two $1,000 (including GST) grants will be available for schools on a first come first serve basis.

The grant will cover 1 teaching session and partial cover of CRT costs.

Schools undertaking this grant must show that they will be delivering a Bike Ed program within the next school year.

Bicycle Network Hands Up! Program


All Grades The Hands Up! Program is delivered by Bicycle Network's Ride2School team. The program aims to monitor how students travel to school on a nominated day each week. Depending on your school's involvement, you may be eligible to apply for grants up to the value of $5,000 that will go towards improving walking and cycling in your school. There are two rounds of grants.

To be eligible for the grant, your school must have already signed up for the Hands Up! Program and submitted counts.

Fore more information and to register visit:

Hands Up! Program

Hands Up! Grants

Active Transport Resources

Active Travel is a form of transport that uses our own energy to travel from an origin to a destination. Examples of Active Travel include walking, cycling, scooting and skateboarding. The benefits of Active Travel include:

  • Increase physical activity rates through incidental exercise.
  • Reduce negative environmental impacts.
  • Reduce congestion.
  • Improve safety on our roads.

To help schools encourage their school community to use active travel to school, we have developed a range of basic step by step guides on how to implement various active transport initiatives at your school. These include:

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