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The Wantirna Health Precinct - Masterplan (2020)

Aerial view of the Wantirna Health precinct
Aerial view of the Wantirna Health precinct between Mountain Highway and Boronia Road.

The Wantirna Health Precinct Masterplan Project

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in partnership with Knox City Council and State agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and VicRoads have prepared a masterplan for a new integrated health precinct in Wantirna.

The Masterplan provides a framework to guide the site’s transition towards a specialised health precinct that includes a wide range of complementary medical services, employment, education and research facilities, training opportunities, accommodation, access and transport. The plan and supporting planning scheme amendment will also facilitate future development of VicRoads land which was identified as surplus to VicRoads needs.

Specialist technical investigations, key stakeholder and community engagement outcomes support the Masterplan and the planning scheme amendment process which is currently underway.

Community Engagement

In July 2019 the VPA and Council engaged with the community about the precinct’s issues and opportunities across three key aspects of the Wantirna Health Precinct – Built Form, Access and Movement, and Landscape and Public Realm. The Community responded with the following priorities for the precinct:

  • Better access in and out of the precinct
  • Accessible parks and high-quality amenity
  • Minimum impact on the surrounding neighbourhood
  • Support for growing local jobs

The Community Engagement reports can accessed via the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) Wantirna Health Precinct website or via the links below.

Wantirna Health Precinct Masterplan

In October and November 2019, the VPA released the draft ‘Wantirna Health Precinct Masterplan’ and invited submissions from the Community. The Masterplan provides for the coordinated development of the entire precinct. The eastern portion of the precinct controlled by the DHHS will remain for hospital and associated uses under the Knox Planning Scheme Public Use Zone (PUZ). Development of this land will be subject to approval by the Minister for Health.

It is proposed that the balance of the precinct’s land is rezoned to a Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ). The VPA proposes that Knox City Council will be responsible for issuing future planning permits for development within CDZ zoned land.

Knox City Council made a submission to the VPA on the proposed Masterplan. The submission was forwarded to the VPA following a resolution at the 28 January 2020 Council Meeting and can be accessed via this link.

The VPA released their Masterplan report in April 2020 which can be accessed here (PDF 17.7MB).


A draft Planning Scheme Amendment package was prepared by the VPA and handed over to the Department of Transport (DoT) (as the major landowner) in July 2020. The DoT will manage the amendment process for the rezoning of that section of the Wantirna Health Precinct proposed to be rezoned to the Comprehensive Development Zone.

To subscribe to project updates, visit the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) Wantirna Health Precinct website.

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For more information in regards to the project, please refer to the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) Wantirna Health Precinct website.

Alternatively lodge a request and we will get back to you or call our City Futures Team on 9298 8000.

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