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Communicating in an Emergency

Knox Council connects with residents in an emergency quickly, using a variety of tools.

Council posts emergency information and warnings online across this website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We know residents need information quickly, so we get that to you as fast as we can - with 'online' tools being often the quickest way.

Traditional forms of communication are also used - phone calls to our Customer Service team or After Hours numbers, and announcements on ABC Melbourne Radio 774 - are also important connection points. We make sure we keep journalists and media organisations are well informed as well.

We're also keen to hear from you about ways that we can connect quickly and well with you during a local emergency. Let our team know by sending an email to

Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) in Victoria

Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) logo

Why is SEWS used?

SEWS is used in Victoria to alert members of the community that an official emergency announcement is to be made concerning an actual or impending emergency, including:

  • Major fires
  • Major floods
  • Major severe storms and their associated storm surges
  • Earthquakes
  • Chemical hazards and any associated major pollution, or
  • Any other significant emergency.

What should I do if I hear a SEWS broadcast?

  • Stop what you are doing
  • Listen carefully to the information provided, and
  • Act as directed.

Whilst Council aims to provide the community with up to date information in the event of an emergency, your primary source of information should be obtained from the emergency service agency responsible for that emergency: SES for Floods or CFA for Fires.

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