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Street Trading and Commercial Use of Footpaths

Street trading is public trading on footpaths and walkways. It can occur either in strip shopping centres or other business activity areas.

About street trading

We support commercial footpath trading, but you must apply for a permit.

You must also always maintain public safety by ensuring pedestrians have an uninterrupted path of travel along footpaths and walkways.

Activities allowed on footpaths

A range of activities are permitted, including:

  • A-Frame sign displays
  • Kerbside cafes
  • Outdoor dining
  • Goods displays
  • Street stalls
  • Displays of planter boxes

Outdoor dining

An Outdoor Dining Permit allows for the placement of street furniture on Council Land. These items can include tables and chairs, cafe barriers, umbrellas, heaters and planter boxes.

Council is working on expanding outdoor dining opportunities in Knox to help hospitality businesses cater for more customers and operate within Victorian Government COVID health restrictions.

To apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit, please visit our Outdoor Dining page

Apply for a permit

If you wish to trade or sell on a public footpath or out the front of your business, you must apply for a permit. This can be done online.

To assist the community due to Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Council has decided to waive all fees associated with this permit until 31 August 2021.

Your application must include the following:

  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance showing a minimum of $20 million and must list Knox City Council as an interested party.
  • A sketch plan of preferred location of advertising signs or display of goods.

Clear path requirements

A clear path must be maintained on the footpath. This must measure at least 1.2 metres from the business building/property line.

No signs, goods, tables or chairs or similar items may be kept in this clear path.

Clear paths could vary subject to local conditions. These variations will be considered as each application is assessed.

Transfer a permit

You cannot transfer a permit to another person and/or business. If your business changes ownership you need to submit a new application.

Conditions of a permit

The following applies to all items placed in a public place unless otherwise specified:

  • Only place your items in front of the permitted business. They must not extend in front of surrounding properties unless approved
  • Trade must happen during normal trading hours for the related business
  • Do not display hazardous items out in a public place
  • You cannot place items against the building/property line
  • Items must not block the vision of motorists or the path of pedestrians
  • You cannot attach or fix anything to any Council building or tree without written approval
  • If you or your items damage other assets in a public place, you must pay the cost of repair
  • Items must be kept clean, free from graffiti and maintained professionally
  • Failure to apply for a permit or breaching permit conditions puts your items at risk of being impounded. Enforcement action may be also be taken
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