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Knox City Council Graffiti Cleaning


Graffiti is any form of drawing, writing, etching, marking or tagging on property without permission. There is an important difference between graffiti without permission and authorised street or urban art. Graffiti is illegal and is detrimental to the visual amenity of an area. Graffiti impacts negatively on health and wellbeing on community members and can cause people to feel unsafe and victims to feel angry and powerless.

Council's role and responsibilities:

What is Council doing?

Council aims to reduce the impact of graffiti on social, natural, built and economic environments in the City of Knox.

  • Managing it’s own infrastructure in ways that enhances community safety and amenity including prompt removal of graffiti from council property;
  • Support community management of graffiti on private property;
  • Working with encouraging and supporting young people to reduce illicit graffiti through engagement and innovative programs;
  • Working with Victoria Police and utilising VandalTrak as a graffiti reporting and crime prevention tool;
  • Advocating to State Government on behalf of Knox communities with respect to graffiti management;
  • Community Correctional Services Graffiti Removal Program ; and
  • Community and Public Art Programs

How can you help tackle graffiti?

Graffiti - prevent it, report it, remove it

Knox Council takes a strong stance against graffiti and encourages community members to make reports of graffiti as soon as possible.

Prevent it

Report it

Remove it

How to report graffiti on other public infrastructure

Location Organisation Contact number
Pay phones Telstra 13 22 03
Street light poles SP Ausnet 1300 360 795
Post boxes Australia Post 13 76 78
Traffic signal boxes VicRoads 13 11 70
Rail property Metro Trains 1800 800 007
Glass bus shelters AdShel 1800 501 402
EastLink EastLink 9955 1400

For further information

Please contact Council's Community Access, Equity and Safety Team on 9298 8000 or email

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