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Hard Rubbish

Hard Waste


Our hard waste service is in high demand and new bookings may be temporarily suspended from time to time to allow our crews to catch up.

If anyone staying at your property address is currently required to isolate as a result of being diagnosed with COVID-19 or having close contact with someone diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19 you CANNOT make a hard waste booking until the mandatory period of isolation has been served.

Organising a hard waste collection

There are times when we need to dispose of items that aren’t considered general rubbish. These items are often larger, still in good condition, or can be reused or recycled.

Where items can’t be donated to charity or recycled, Council provides a range of options for you to dispose of these goods.

We have weekly collections of hard rubbish, and below are some guidelines about what can and can’t be included in a hard waste collection.

Bookings lodged on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday will be collected the next week.
Bookings lodged on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be collected the week after.

All households paying the Residential Garbage Charge on the rates for their property are able to book up to two (2) hard waste collections each financial year. (1st July - 30th June)

Book a hard waste collection

We are now collecting hard waste without using booking stickers. Please be assured your hard waste will be collected without the sticker being on your pile.

Please Note: Hard Waste will not be cleared on Public Holidays.

Download our list of collectible hard waste items

What you CAN put out for collection

  • Home appliances and whitegoods (doors removed for safety)
  • Empty paint tins, drums and tanks with lids removed
  • Roofing iron and guttering (max 1.5m long)
  • Metal tools and equipment
  • Furniture
  • Carpet - rolled and tied (max 1.5m long)
  • Mattresses and bed bases (limit of 2 total)
  • Pottery and ceramics
  • Sheet glass -securely wrapped and labelled for safety
  • Timber (max 10 pieces, max 1.5m long & max 30kg in weight)
  • Tree stumps (max 1.5m long & 30kg in weight)
  • Electronic waste like TVs, computers and mobile phones

What you CAN'T put out for collection

  • building, demolition or renovation materials including toilets, baths, and spa baths
  • asbestos, oil, paint, car batteries, household batteries, liquids, chemical or hazardous waste
  • gas bottles, fuel containers, Gyprock, cement sheet or plaster
  • soil, bricks, concrete, sand, dirt, rubble or roof or ceramic tiles
  • gates, fencing, trellis or pallets
  • tyres, or car parts of any kind
  • green waste, except tree stumps (max 1.5m long and 30kg in weight)
  • household rubbish or recyclables
  • commercial waste
  • insulated heating/cooling ducts

Frequently Asked Questions: Hard Waste

How many hard waste collections can I have?

All eligible Knox residential properties are able to book two (2) hard waste collections each financial year (1st July - 30th June).

What day of the week will my items will be collected?

Hard waste items will be collected anytime from between Monday 6am to Friday 6pm during the collection week.

Can I book in person or over the phone?

During the Covid 19 restrictions please call us on 9298 8000 during opening hours (8.30am – 5pm Mon – Fri).
When restrictions have been lifted and the Civic Centre re-opens please visit us at 511 Burwood Highway. Visit our Contact Us page to find up to date information on opening times.

If I book Thursday or Friday (after midnight Wednesday), when will my items be collected?

These items will be collected the week after next.

Can I change or cancel my booking?

Not at this time.

Where do I put my hard waste for collection?

Put your hard waste in a neat pile the weekend before your collection week. If it is not out in time, then you will miss your collection and have to order a second one. For most residents, the collection point will be the naturestrip directly outside your property. If this is not possible, a suitable and mutual agreed collection point will need to be sought. Please continue with the online booking and call us to discuss the pickup location during business hours.
Hard waste items placed on private property will not be collected and a notification left in your letterbox. This will utilise a hard waste booking.

How can I dispose of items NOT accepted by hard waste collection?

  • Bricks, rubble, concrete, engine oil, car batteries, car parts, tyres, and paint can be taken to the Knox Transfer Station and Recycling Facility.
  • Other waste centres may also be an option.

How big can my items be?

With the exception of mattresses and whitegoods, you must not put out anything that weighs more than 30kg and no longer than 1.5m

Can I recycle E-Waste with a Hard Waste Booking?

E-waste can be placed out with your booked hard waste service and our contractor will collect it and recycle it.
Please present you E-waste together for ease of collection.

What if my collection was missed?

Please contact us within a week of your allocated collection week.

The collection truck only took some of my collection

Your hard waste will be collected using different collection trucks during your allocated week.
Any uncollected material must be removed after the allocated collection week within seven days - it is illegal to have hard waste on the naturestrip without a booking for collection.

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