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Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks can reduce the harm to our waterways caused by too much stormwater.

Tanks capture rainwater to flush toilets, wash clothes, water gardens or for other outdoor uses. This lessens demand on our drinking water along with the cost of water bills.

Installing a water tank

Knox City Council encourages the installation and use of rainwater tanks. In most cases, you will not need a planning or building permit to do so.

Water tank installations must be compliant with regulations.

If you are planning to install a water tank on any type of support structure, or in ground you may require a building permit.

All drainage from a rainwater tank must be fitted by a registered plumber. The plumber must provide the owner with a Plumbing Certificate to show this work.

Rainwater tanks are not recommended for drinking water.

Learn more about rainwater tanks.

Location of water tanks

Water tanks are not recommended over easements. If this is proposed you may require consent from any relevant service authority. Service authorities are listed on your Certificate of Title.

You can also not position a water tank:

  • over a pit cover in an easement
  • at the front of your home (between the street and your dwelling)
  • where it may affect adjoining properties
  • within 500mm of any boundary if adjoining the dwelling.

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