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Report and consent applications

Report and consent is the process of seeking Council approval for certain building works as set out by the Building Regulations 2018.

These works include construction that does not meet the minimum height or setback requirements.

How to apply for a report and consent

You can submit a report and consent application online, by post or in person.


You can submit your application online. You must be registered to use our online service.

To apply, follow the relevant link below. 

You must pay with credit card.

By post or in person

If you wish to apply with a printout, please send via mail or pay in person at the Civic Centre.

Knox City Council Civic Centre

511 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South, 3152

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm.

Report and Consent applications

You can make the following Report and Consent applications through Knox City Council:

Applications for Variation to Part 5 of the Building Regulations

You can make an application to Council to change a standard in Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018.

This application is made to the Municipal Building Surveyor of Knox City Council.

Please note: you will need to pay the relevant fee for each consent request you apply for.

Part 5 standards are:

  • Maximum Street Setback (Regulation 73)
  • Minimum Street Setback (Regulation 74)
  • Building Height (Regulation 75)
  • Site Coverage (Regulation 76)
  • Permeability (Regulation 77)
  • Car parking (Regulation 78)
  • Side & Rear Setbacks (Regulation 79)
  • Walls on boundaries (Regulation 80)
  • Daylight to existing habitable room windows (Regulation 81)
  • Solar access to existing north-facing habitable room windows (Regulation 82)
  • Overshadowing of recreational private open space (Regulation 83)
  • Overlooking (Regulation 84)
  • Daylight to habitable room windows (Regulation 85)
  • Private open space (Regulation 86)
  • Front Fence Height (Regulation 89).

Apply for a Variation to Part 5 of the Building Regulations Report and Consent

You can also download the Variation to Part 5 of the Building Regulations Application Form.

Section 29A Report and Consent

Report and Consent must be granted by the Municipal building surveyor under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993 for certain demolition works.

This must happen before starting any work that results in clearing, altering or adding to a building that will either:

  • result in a change to 50 per cent of the building volume in a 3 year period
  • cause alterations to the facade of a building.

The definition of facade covers includes:

  • an external wall, including any verandah, balcony or balustrade or architectural feature attached to or forming part of an external wall
  • a part of a roof, or
  • a chimney that faces a street and at least part of which is visible from the street it faces.

The definition of street includes any:

  • road
  • highway
  • carriageway
  • square
  • court.

A separate request must be sent to the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria when proposing to demolish or alter a building registered under the Heritage Act 1995.

Apply for a Section 29A Report and Consent

You can also download the Section 29A Report and Consent Application Form.

Building over an Easement Report and Consent

Buildings or structures over an easement need consent before being built or placed. The legal definition of an easement is ‘the right to cross or otherwise use a portion of someone else’s land’.

Consent must come from Council where we are the relevant authority, and also from any other relevant authorities, such as water, electric or gas. Relevant authorities are nominated on your Certificate of Title.

Make sure there is a copy of consent from other relevant authorities before applying to Council.

Any building or structure placed over an easement is likely to require a building permit. This is unless it is exempt by the Regulations.

Apply for a Building over an Easement Report and Consent

You can also download the Building over an Easement Report and Consent Application Form.

Guidelines for proposed buildings over an easement

Not allowed over a Council stormwater drainage easement:

  • any part of a dwelling (Standard 600mm eaves exempt)
  • any part of a habitable outbuilding such as a granny flat or studio
  • any part of a commercial or industrial building
  • brick garages – unless under specific circumstances
  • swimming pools.

Acceptable lightweight buildings, structures and site works:

  • metal clad sheds, garages or similar
  • open structures such as a gazebo, verandah, carport or similar
  • loose paving such as a brick tile
  • swimming pool barrier (lightweight)
  • portable spa
  • site fill or site cut, max 500mm.

All of the above are subject to conditions.

Approval is subject to the following criteria:

  • An alternative location for the proposed building or works is not available on site.
  • Work won't affect ongoing maintenance of any existing Council stormwater drain or asset.
  • Drainage of an abutting allotment will not be endangered, neither will the future drainage network.
  • Approval is granted to build over the easement from all relevant statutory authorities and parties.
  • The proposed structure is in line with the Building Code of Australia.
  • The pipe diameter does not exceed 375mm.
  • The drainage pipe is not a main drain.
  • The Drainage Engineering department must approve of the proposed building works.
  • The property is not located in an overland flow path. This may be subject to special conditions.

Once these conditions are met consent may be granted. This is subject to the owner lodging a building over easement application.

Hoarding Report and Consent (Public Protection)

Hoarding is temporary fencing that protects the public during construction.

At all times, necessary safety measures must be in place to protect the public. This applies before and during any building work.

Any excavation work must be fenced or otherwise guarded. This must happen before and during work to prevent danger to life or property.

The relevant building surveyor must approve safety precautions before any work begins.

The report and consent of council must be obtained for a building permit relating to the putting up of precautions over the street alignment.

Minimum hoarding construction plan

Minimum hoarding construction elevation

Minimum hoarding construction Section A-A

The hoarding must be of a minimum standard as directed by Council if it is over the street alignment.

Apply for a Hoarding Report and Consent (Public Protection)

You can also download the following:

Flood and Overland Drainage Report and Consent

If you apply for a building permit and the building site is on an allotment where flooding is possible, a Report and Consent is also needed.

You may need to follow specified minimum floor levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD). Consent may also contain special structural requirements.

Apply for Flood and Overland Drainage Report and Consent

You can also download the Flood and Overland Drainage Application Form.

Adjoining owners information request

Any application to request adjoining owner’s information must be in relation to building works being carried out under a building permit.

You can download the Adjoining Owners Information Request Form.

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