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Termites and termite areas

On 22 December 2004, the City of Knox was declared subject to termite infestation.

This means all new buildings must have a termite barrier installed.

Termite barriers

Buildings built before December 2004 do not need a termite barrier. However is strongly recommended for building owners to carry out regular checks of their property or engage a professional.

Termite barriers prevent termites from getting into a structure. Barriers can be both physical and chemical.

Termite risks

Termites damage buildings and furnishings. They can destroy a wall and roofing timbers of a house within months.

All property owners should have regular termite checks.

Termites feed on material like:

  • wood products
  • furniture
  • fabrics
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • clothing
  • other house contents.

If you find termites

If you find termites do not disturb them.

Termites retreat when disrupted then find a new attack point. This makes it harder to trace their nest.

Call a pest control contractor to arrange an inspection. Knox City Council does not give recommendations on termite companies in the area.


There are a few ways to prevent termite damage:

  • regular property and building checks
  • fix any plumbing or roof leaks or draining issues
  • don't build up garden beds against walls
  • don't block or cover sub-floor vents
  • don't stack materials against walls
  • sub-floor areas should be dry and well-ventilated
  • avoid storing cellulose products in the sub-floor space
  • use termite-resistant timber for works around the property, including retaining walls
  • use metal stirrups for verandah and gateposts
  • check and clean timber decks regularly.

Termite statement for building permits

If you are applying for a building permit you will need to complete our termite statement and checklist.

More about termites

Read more about termites and termite management on the Victorian Building Authority website.

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