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Norvel Estate Rezoning and Planning Permit Application (Amendment C184knox)

Amendment C184knox proposes to rezone and subdivide the former quarry at Norvel Estate to facilitate residential redevelopment.

This project will help accommodate our growing population whilst protecting our bushland and biodiversity. 

About the Amendment and Planning Permit

Amendment C184knox is a combined planning scheme amendment and a planning permit application (P/2020/6049). 

The proposal includes:

  • 138 residential lots
  • a bushland reserve
  • a stormwater and parkland reserve.

At the Council Meeting on 22 November 2021, Council resolved to request authorisation from the Minster for Planning to prepare and exhibit Amendment C184knox to the Knox Planning Scheme.


The Amendment applies to the former Novel Road quarry site located in Ferntree Gully:

  • 29Q and 41Q Norvel Road
  • 18Q Dion Street
  • Seecal Road Reserve, Castricum Place Reserve and Norvel Road Reserve
  • adjoining bushland site located immediately to the north of the former Norvel Road quarry site, known as 54 Agora Boulevard and 59R Rankin Road.

Proposed changes

The Amendment proposes to:

  • rezone locations as per table below 
  • make associated mapping and local policy changes to the Knox Planning Scheme.
Location Current zoning Proposed zoning
Rezone part of the site and abutting road reserves Special Use Zone - Schedule 2 (SUZ2) Neighbourhood Residential Zone - Schedule 7 (NRZ7)
Rezone part of the site consisting of the bushland to be vested to Council and Council Bushland at 54 Agora Boulevard and 59R Rankin Road Schedule 2 (SUZ2) Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ)
Rezone part of the proposed bike trail to the north of the Seecal Road Reserve from the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Neighbourhood Residential Zone – Schedule 4 (NRZ4) and Special Use Zone – Schedule 2 (SUZ2) Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ)


The planning permit application seeks approval for: 

  • staged subdivision into 138 residential lots and additional reserves and associated works

  •  buildings and works associated with the construction of pathways and bike trail

  • vegetation removal.

Vegetation management

The Knox Environment Society and local residents provided feedback on the regrowth of locally rare plants growing in the quarry site.

Council commissioned an ecological report from Biosphere Pty Ltd to:

  • review and identify the location and species with potential ecological significance
  • provide recommended rescue measures. 

The report recommends, subject to landowner support:

  • leaving the area of regrowth as identified in the report unmown until January 2022 to allow seed reproduction
  • collecting seeds and/or digging up as many as possible of the species as recommended in the report.

Council officers are working together with the landowner to perform the recommended actions. 

Update: February 2022

In December 2021, Council officers sectioned the protected area of significant grass regrowth on the site.

Parts of the site that are not within the protected area are being mowed to:

  • address sightlines
  • manage fire risk
  • ensure general amenity for the community. 

We will monitor the site and mow the grass that is not within the protected area as needed.

In January 2022, Council officers and representatives commenced the collection of seeds and rare plants within the protected area of significant grass regrowth.

The collection of seeds will occur until March or April 2022, and the physical collection of plans will occur until August 2022.


Date Action Minutes
25 October 2021

Council resolved to:

  • end the current Section 173 Agreement recorded on the land and replace it with an updated Agreement, amending the Urban Design Guidelines for this Estate and increasing the bushland contribution.
View the Council minutes
22 November 2021

Council resolved to:

  • seek authorisation to prepare and exhibit the Amendment to the Knox Planning Scheme.
  • liaise with the landowner and key stakeholders to seek agreement to undertake recommended rescue of plants.
View the Council minutes

Current status

The Amendment is subject to approval from the Minister for Planning as part of the authorisation process.

The community and relevant stakeholders will have an opportunity to make a submission to the Amendment when it is placed on public exhibition.

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