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Norvel Estate Rezoning and Planning Permit Application (Amendment C184knox)

We received a proposal that seeks to rezone and subdivide the former quarry at Norvel Estate to facilitate residential redevelopment, recognise open space, and protect the bushland reserve. 

About the Amendment

Norvel Estate is located between Norvel Road and Blind Creek valley in Ferntree Gully. Formerly known as ‘Norvel Road Quarry’, the site was used for clay extraction for the manufacturing of bricks from 1955 until its closure around 2009. The site is currently zoned for the purpose of earth and energy resource industry (Special Use Zone Schedule 2).

The Amendment proposes to rezone land from Special Use Zone Schedule 2 to:

  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 7 (NRZ7) to allow for housing development (maximum 2 storeys), that is consistent with the surrounding residential area
  • Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ) to retain protection for the bushland area that has been identified as a Site of Biological Significance

It also proposes to rezone the north of Seecal Road Reserve from Special Use Zone Schedule 2 and Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 4 to:

  • Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) to support the development of a shared path and bike trail connecting Castricum Place and Norvel Estate to the Blind Creek Reserve trail

About the Application

The Application proposes:

  • a staged subdivision (including 138 residential lots) and associated works
  • building and works associated with the construction of pathways
  • vegetation removal in areas that are not in the biological significant area

Other proposals

  • Gift eight (8) lots to a Registered Housing Agency for the development and management of affordable housing for lower income Victorians. This initiative supports Council’s Affordable Housing Action Plan and the strategic directions of the Knox Planning Scheme.
  • Provide a bushland reserve to Council for conservation purposes.
  • Provide new pathways for community members, and improving connectivity to the Blind Creek Trail.

Documentation for the Amendment and Application

You can view a copy of the Amendment and Application documentation online at the Department of Transport and Planning website.

Feedback on the proposal

Community feedback on the proposal for Norvel Estate closed on 21 July 2023.

Council considered all submissions at the Council meeting on 27 November 2023 and decided to refer the Amendment, Application, draft permit and all submissions to an independent planning panel.

We will make a copy of every submission for any person to inspect until the end of the 2 months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses. Submissions will be disclosed in full to the Council consultants (if applicable) who will make recommendations to Council regarding the submissions. Council and the state government may also publish submissions on their websites, provide copies of submissions, and make publicly available lists of submissions. Submissions may be disclosed in a report to Council which will by virtue of the Local Government Act 1989, be available to the public for an extended period.

Panel hearing

The public Panel Hearing was held on 12 and 13 March at Planning Panels Victoria.

Next steps

Planning Panel Victoria provided their recommendations in May and Council will consider the Panel recommendations in a Council meeting, anticipated in September.


25 October 2021

Council resolved to:

  • end the current Section 173 Agreement recorded on the land and replace it with an updated Agreement, amending the Urban Design Guidelines for this Estate and increasing the bushland contribution.
View the Council minutes
22 November 2021

Council resolved to:

  • seek authorisation to prepare and exhibit the Amendment to the Knox Planning Scheme.
  • liaise with the landowner and key stakeholders to seek agreement to undertake recommended rescue of plants.

View the Council minutes

View Item 6.2 attachments

4 April 2022Council received conditional authorisation from the Minister for Planning 
14 June 2023 to 21 July 2023The Amendment and Planning Permit Application are placed on exhibition 
27 November 2023Council to consider submissions received at the council meetingView the Council minutes
12 and 13 March 2024Panel hearing 
14 May 2024Panel recommendation reportView report
TBACouncil meeting to consider the Panel recommendations and decide on the Amendment and Application 

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