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Do I need a building or planning permit?

Building and planning permits are two different things.

About permits

The permit you need depends on what construction work you are doing. You may need:

  • a building permit
  • a planning permit
  • a building and a planning permit.

You may not need a permit at all.

Planning permits

A planning permit ensures your proposed work complies with government planning guidelines.

It assesses the impact work may have on:

  • the site
  • neighbouring land
  • the environment.

This includes:

  • hours of operation
  • loss of privacy
  • safety or traffic issues
  • any impact on the surrounding environment (for example, waterways and landscapes).

Local councils issue all planning permits.

Contact Planning Services to learn more about planning permits.

Building permits

A building permit makes sure any building work or alteration complies with the:

Building permits can be issued by a:

  • municipal building surveyor through Council, or
  • registered private building surveyor.

Important things to know

You need to be aware that:

  • you may not need a building or planning permit.
  • if your construction or renovation project needs a building permit, you cannot start the project without it.
  • your building permit must be consistent with your planning permit. This includes any requested conditions and endorsed plans.
  • building permits guarantee that independent parties sign-off all key stages of the project.
  • planning permits operate under the Planning & Environment Act 1987.
  • building permits operate under the Building Act 1993.

Contact Building Services to learn more about building permits.

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