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Submitting Condition 1 and other plans

Once you have a Planning Permit, you may need to submit amended plans or reports for approval to satisfy the conditions of your permit. 

Plans that may need approval

Council approval may be needed for: 

  • changes to the plans you originally submitted with your application
  • landscaping plans
  • engineering plans (drainage)
  • other plans or reports.

If you want to make other changes unrelated to the permit conditions, you can submit a request for an amendment. Fees will apply. 

Lodging your plans

You can upload your plans and documents using Council's online services. Registration is required to use this service.

Register for online services

Development plans and reports

Under Condition 1 of your planning permit, you may need to resubmit your plans with specific changes. You may also need to submit other plans, like a Sustainable design assessment or Waste management plan. 

Read the conditions carefully and contact your planner with any questions.

The plans will be returned to you once they are approved.

Submit Condition 1 Plans

Landscape and engineering plans (drainage)

For landscaping, a qualified landscape architect or landscape designer familiar with Council's town planning processes must prepare your landscape plans. They should be skilled in landscape design, horticulture, landscape documentation and construction practice.

A qualified civil engineer must prepare your engineering plans (drainage) plans using the checklist. Submit this checklist with your engineering plans (drainage). 

Before preparing your landscape or drainage plans:

  • read the conditions and notes on your planning permit to prepare your plans accordingly
  • check the development plans endorsed under Condition 1 of the planning permit to ensure consistency between other endorsed plans
  • check the landscape and drainage designs are consistent with one another

Before submitting your plans, make sure they meet the landscape guidelines and the engineering plans (drainage) checklist.

The plans will be returned to you once they are approved.

Submit landscape plans

Submit engineering plans (drainage)

Other plans

Sometimes you will be asked to prepare other types of specialist plans for approval. The following checklists will help you to prepare these plans.

Turnaround times

Your plans will be reviewed within 30 days and amendments to your plans may be required to meet conditions. Incomplete plans will take longer to review because we need to request additional information before progressing.

Need help?

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