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Balustrades are an important safety feature where there is any risk of falling from raised heights.

The Building Code of Australia requires balustrades in areas of buildings such as landings, balconies, stairs or raised floors or surfaces.

About balustrades

A balustrade is defined as a rail and its balusters (posts or other supporting members).

Balustrades are an important safety feature of any building. They prevent falls from:

  • landings
  • balconies
  • stairs
  • raised floors or surface areas.

Building with balustrades

Balustrades for domestic works must meet or exceed the minimum standards set out in Part 3.9 of the Building Code of Australia. This includes:

  • minimum height from finished surface level of 1000mm on a landing, path, balcony or similar
  • minimum height of 865mm above the top of the stair treads, ramps or similar
  • gaps in balusters must not allow a 125mm sphere to pass through
  • if landings or floors are more than 4m above ground, horizontal elements between 150mm and 760mm must not allow climbing.

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